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Direct Advertiser

As a direct advertiser, you are looking for a truly remarkable way to advertise your products or services to users accross the world.

Avazu DSP, a complete self-serve programmatic advertising platform, provides a more convenience and transparent marketing solution, which enables you to start your campaigns in just 5 minutes.

New user acquisition or gain life-time value from your customers can never be so easy.

Performance based Optimization

Multiple Bid Types Available


CPM Optimized towards to an eCPC

CPM Optimized towards to a CTR

CPM Optimized towards to an eCPA


Cutting-edge Machine Learning Models

Fraud Detection Model:
Non-human traffic can be detected.

Prediction Model:
CTR/CR and low quality traffic can be predicted.

Bidding Model:
Win the bid with lower price.

Real-time Reporting

Impressions, clicks and conversions are updated each minute.

Graphs and charts enable you to inspect statistics from different dimensions through handy filters.

All reports can be exported for use in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Supported Targeting











Mobile Browser

Traffic Category

Device ID

IP Range


Avazu DSP enables you as the Agency to manage your clients targeted and effective advertising campaigns in real-time with complete transparency.

Use our intuitive white-label DSP solution to place highly targeted smart ads on thousands of premium apps. Become a powerful self-serve demand side platform (DSP) using our unique white-label solution. Without the hassle of putting any infrastructure or technology in place, you can build your solutions on our platform.

White Label DSP Solution for Agency

Easy to Setup

Everything is all set

No servers required

No technical knowledge required

Manage Multiple Accounts

Invite and manage accounts in a handy way

Scale your business with more accounts

View your reports in all-in-one page

Personalize on the Fly

Replacing platform logo

Choosing favourite color theme

Domain alias is natively supported


Mar 2016

VAST Tag Creative

Feb 2016

Traffic Category Targeting

Jan 2016

Campaign Hourly Budget

Dec 2015

Global App/Site List Targeting

Nov 2015

App/Site Bid Adjust
Facebook Ads Campaign
Audience Targeting
Private Marketplace Inventory

Oct 2015

In-Stream Video Ads Campaign
IP Range Targeting

Sep 2015

Store Targeting

Aug 2015

CPC Bidding
In-Banner Video Ads Campaign
System Language Support English Simplified Chinese and German
SoftLayer Server, Support 1 Million QPS

Jul 2015

Alipay Payment

Jun 2015

Device Type Targeting
JS Tag and iFrame Creative Ads Campaign

May 2015

Hyperlocal Targeting
Machine Learning Engine upgrade
Native Ads Campaign

Apr 2015

Device Brands Targeting
City Targeting
App/Site Daily Budget

Feb 2015

25 Billion Traffic Per Day

Jan 2015

Traffic Planning
App/Site Targeting
Mobile Browser Targeting

Dec 2014

Support 300k QPS
Frequency Capping
Dayparting Targeting
Carriers/ISP Targeting
Automated Rules
Country Targeting
Operating System Targeting
Device Connection Type Targeting
Clone Campaign

Nov 2014

3rd Party Creative Ads Campaign
Agency White-Label

Jul 2014

mDSP Global Release
Service Direct Advertiser and Agency
Banner Ads Campaign
4 Bid types: CPM, CPM optimized towards
to an eCPC, CPM optimized towards to a
CTR,CPM optimized towards to a CPA

Dimensional Report
Paypal and Credit Card Payment
Referral Program

Global Reach

Third Party Conversion Tracking

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